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Fisher-Price Pirate Ship – Jake And The Neverland Pirates

fisher-price pirate ship
fisher-price pirate ship
fisher-price pirate ship


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Lots of fun, your toddler will never get bored, lots of sounds and music


Mast is wobbly, but still durable, only 2 figures included

November 10, 2012
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Fisher-Price Pirate Ship – Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship

The Fisher-Price Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship is a pretty awesome playset for your toddler 3 years and older. Bucky’s musical Fisher-Price pirate ship is fully ready to do battle with the dastardly Captain Hook and his crew to defend Jake’s huge treasure. The spring loaded cannon on the front of Jake’s Neverland Pirates Ship fires water balls while Jake sits atop the crow’s nest keeping an eye out for Captain Hook. There is also a hidden trap door in the front of the ship that hides the Tick Tock Croc, who is ready to spring into action and surprise Captain Hook if he gets close enough! The Fisher-Price Pirate Ship comes packed with 25 fun phrases and songs as well. Are you ready to set sail for new adventures? The Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship props up on wheels, and you can roll the ship around as it rocks side to side, just as it would on the ocean blue!

Fisher-Price pirate ship tick tock crock

The Fisher-Price Pirate Ship is ready for battle!

Captain Hook and his second in command Smee will be no match for Jake and Bucky! Jake’s Neverland Pirate Ship Bucky will make them think again, as Jake launches devastating ‘water balls’ at Hook and his teeny tiny little ship. If that’s not enough, the Tick Tock Crock will jump out and grab him from the trap door. When Jake and Bucky are ready to set sail, the realistic rolling and bucking as the ship moves will make you think you’re really out on the ocean! Jake flies around the crow’s nest as the ship sails, keeping an ever vigilant eye out for Captain Hook. The Fisher-Price pirate ship has everything Jake needs! Jake’s fisher-price pirate ship will also help your youngster develop fine motor skills as they manipulate and play with the figures and other moving parts. The Fisher-Price Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship comes with the Fisher-Price pirate ship, both the Jake and Skully figurines, Tick Tock Crock, and 3 water-balls for the spring loaded cannon. Batteries are also included for sound and song features!


fisher-price pirate ship video review


The Fisher-Price Pirate Ship Bucky is very durable


Overall, the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship Bucky is exceptionally durable. it has been shown to withstand drops and rough play without falling apart or breaking. The mast may seem to be a little loose, but it’s not going anywhere. Jake and Bucky have holes in their feet, which allows them to be placed on any of the many different pegs around the ship so that they won’t move around while the ship is sailing about. If you are looking for that perfect gift for your little toddler this year, the Fisher-Price Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship won’t disappoint!

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