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Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers

Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers
Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers
Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers


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Cheaper than Zumba Sneakers, prevent injuries and unnecessary strain


Spandex can stretch out or rip without proper care

October 29, 2012
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Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers

If you have ever wondered what the best sneakers for Zumba are, look no further than your closet! With the Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers, you can effectively turn any pair of sneakers into the perfect shoe to use for Zumba, without messing up the carpet in your home. The Carpet Gliders for your sneakers are also a much cheaper alternative to buying a set of specially designed sneakers just for Zumba. Average savings are a little over $50! The Carpet Gliders are made with 100% Spandex, which means you can slip and slide all over your carpet just as if you were on a much smoother surface. This also greatly reduces the chance of injury. Some ladies reported that before buying the Carpet Gliders, doing Zumba sometimes resulted in knee and joint pain. After a few workouts with the Carpet Gliders, the knee pain was gone or significantly reduced.

Durability of Zumba Carpet Gliders for Sneakers

As with all Spandex products, the Carpet Gliders can become stretched out with time. The key to getting the most out of your Spandex carpet gliders is to put them on right before your work out, and then take them off as soon as you’re done. If you don’t take them off of your sneakers as soon as you’re done, any unnecessary walking around can stretch them out or tear them. Remember this one thing, and you will get lots of time out of your carpet gliders! Overall, when compared to Zumba Sneakers, the carpet gliders are a much more affordable alternative, and with a little care, can last just as long as the more expensive sneakers. After all, you already have a pair of sneakers hiding away in that closet of yours…why not put them to good use?

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