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Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS Reviews

Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS review
Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS review
Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS review


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Lots of bonuses and attachments, 5 work out DVDs, Chuck Norris!, folds and stores easily


Rather long, can take up an entire room if it's too small. You need ample room on the sides to do chest flies and related exercises.

October 26, 2012
Posted October 26, 2012 by

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Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS Review


First off, the MSRP on the Total Gym XLS can be a little misleading. The ‘suggested retail price’ on the XLS is just a hair under $2,000, however, with a little bit of shopping around you can easily find one for under $1,000. Right now they are over 60% off on Amazon, which comes out to a little under $700 total. Free shipping is also available. Compared to the Total Gym 1000, the Total Gym XLS, endorsed by Chuck Norris, is a vast improvement. The Total Gym XLS provides a weightless work out experience, meaning that there are no heavy weights for you to move around. The weight you lift with the machine is your own body weight, accomplished through resistance. A fun factor with this machine is that you’re always moving around, unlike with lifting traditional weights, where you would otherwise be completely stationary. Another cool feature is an optional weight bar, if you want to lift more than just your own body weight. The system also folds up for easy and convenient storage.

Speaking of attachments, there are several more attachments that come with the Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS, including a Pilates kit, strap handles, leg pull accessory, and  wing attachments to help with doing pullups. There are also a few option attachments that are not included, such as the weight bar, dip bar, and press up bar. There is also an ab crunch attachment, which is probably one of the most useful optional attachments, and definitely worth spending the extra money on. While it is advertised as a total gym, I would also recommend buying a separate set of dumb bells. Some movements with the XLS involving arm workouts can be a bit awkward. Overall, the Total Gym XLS is a pretty good buy. The XLS comes with a life time warranty on the frame, and a 6 month warranty on all the moving parts, with an upgrade to 2 years available.

Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS reviews

Total Gym XLS Bonuses

The XLS also comes with quite a few bonuses in the box. Inside the box, you will find several workout tools and plans, including a 6-8 minute work out video, a Smart Training Workout, Pilates, Body Makeover video, a wall chart with 35 exercise diagrams, and a nutrition and meal plan. These videos and other perks go above and beyond what you might find with other work out systems! Along with the aforementioned accessories, you definitely get your money’s worth here. With over 80 available exercises,  you will never get bored with the Total Gym XLS system, either.

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    Tana Mitchell

    What a crock! This must be a paid advertising site for this exercise equipment! I was SO looking forward to receiving this machine – got it today – it is SO heavy and cumbersome that I couldn’t get it inside by myself. I opened the box – parts for the AbCrunch – which I paid for are missing. There are NO instructions for setup – this POS is sitting in the cardboard on my floor – and the only exercise I will ever get from it is trying to drag it around to hide it under the bed. There are no wheels, and it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to store!!!!! I tried to contact Customer Service – apparently they only work days (surprise – so do I!!!). I tried to leave a comment on their website, but if your review isn’t at least 4 stars, it won’t post (another surprise!!!).


      This is not a paid advertising site. Who did you order the Total Gym through? I would suggest contacting their customer service, rather than Total Gym directly, unless of course you bought it directly from them.

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