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Kelty Parthenon 8 person Tent

Kelty Parthenon 8
Kelty Parthenon 8
Kelty Parthenon 8


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100% water proof, easy to set up, relatively light for such a heavy tent


Stakes are weak and should be replaced, foot print not included

October 29, 2012
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Kelty Parthenon 8 Person Tent

The Kelty Parthenon 8 Person mansion style tent is simply amazing for the price range, and one of the best 8 person tents on the market. The Parthenon has 143 square feet of sleep space and has more than enough room for the whole family, plus a couple friends!The measurements inside are 11 by 13 feet, with a ceiling height of 6 foot 4 inches in the center. The Kelty Parthenon 8 is also completely weather proof, with a taffeta rainfly made of polyester, with a floor coated with ArcEdge polyurethane and high quality water proof seams above ground level. In order to prevent condensation, the tent walls are include mesh wall panels, along with fly vents in order to allow air to flow freely.

Kelty Parthenon 8 Vestibule

The Kelty Parthenon 8 is also a breeze to set up. The tent comes with DAC hybrid poles that are easy-fit, along with color coded clip sleeves, so you always know which pole goes where. If you want privacy within the tent, there is also a divider included with the tent, to make two separate rooms within the tent. The Kelty Parthenon 8 is also equipped with gear loft loops, adjustable stakeouts, side release buckle tent-fly connection, noiseless zippers, and an organizer wall. The vestibule area also has dual entry points, in case you decide to use the main room divider. The Parthenon 8 weighs in at 27 pounds and 3 ounces packed up and ready to go, making it pretty easy to pack in to your camp site. The tent’s freestanding structure is supported by five poles total.

Kelty Parthenon-8

The Kelty Parthenon 8 person tent is water proof

When Kelty says their tents are water proof, you better believe it. The roof is equipped with a rain fly, and even during the heaviest of rains, not a single drop will get in. Another cool feature is the moon/sun roof in the main living area. You can fall asleep at night looking at the stars, just as if you were laying outside. You just have to watch out, you will be waking up with the sun as there is nothing to stop that either, without the fly attached. Like many tents these days, the Kelty Parthenon 8 person tent doesn’t come with a foot print. I highly recommend you buy one as that will vastly extend the life of your tent. Also, the stakes that are included with the tent are somewhat sub par, and should probably be replaced before your first camping trip. Luckily, stakes are pretty affordable. Overall, the Kelty Parthenon 8 is an amazing value, and when compared to other, more costly 8 person tents, definitely comes out on top!

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