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Philips Norelco PT720 Powertouch Electric Razor

Norelco 6940
Norelco 6940
Norelco 6940


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Long lasting on full charge, close shave, great razor for price point


No pop out trimmer, cleaning brush doesn't attach to razor so can be easy to lose, no bag or accessories included other than brush

October 31, 2012
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Philips Norelco PT720

The Philips Norelco PT720 is one step above the Norelco 6945, utilizing the Comfort Cut system for both an efficient and gentler shave over the 6945. Similar to the previous model, the shaving heads flex to match the contours of your head and neck, providing an extremely close, yet gentle shave, every time. The Norelco PT720 is also fully washable, the face of the unit opens and you simple rinse remains of your beard out with a little bit of warm water. It takes around 8 hours to achieve a full charge, which will last about 40 minutes of continuous shaving, or a little over 14 days of shaving once a day for a couple minutes. The PT720 is powered by a lithium ion battery, meaning it the battery will definitely outlast your use for the razor. If you don’t plan on using the Norelco PT720 on the road, there is also a power cord, so you will never need to worry about the charge level of the razor.

Philips Norelco PT720

The Norelco PT720 has a couple down sides

Despite the great benefits with this razor, there are a few glaring downsides. The PT720 does not have a pop out beard trimmer, and in this day and age, it seems that even the most basic competitor models are including these. Having a pop out beard trimmer is very useful for longer hair such as side burns and longer hairs, and this feels like somewhat of an oversight. The razor does have a much quieter hum when compared to other electric razors, which is another plus. Gone are the days of noisy, lawn moweresque electric razors, and I’m sure no one misses those! Another minor downside is the batteries are not replaceable. If you plan on keeping the Norelco PT720 beyond the manufacturer warranty from Phillips, this could be a problem. There are aftermarket replacement batteries available, however, you have to solder them in yourself, or have a repair shop do it for you.

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