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June 16, 2013
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Are you going on a long trip? Storing your car for winter? Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer is a fuel additive that keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after periods of storage. Designed for all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines, Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage in order to protect your engine from the gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion that can afflict engines after gasoline left in the tank has broken down. It also prolongs the life of an engine by removing water from gas tanks, and cleans carburetors and fuel injectors. The solution works safely and effectively in all gasoline blends, including ethanol-blended fuel up to E85.

Protect Gas Engine During Storage without Draining the Tank
Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer is America’s top selling fuel stabilizer – and for good reason, it works. It’s hard to believe, but fuel left in the tanks of a stored vehicle can begin to break down in as little as 30-60 days causing gum, varnish and corrosion to build up in the fuel lines and engine. One traditional solution to this problem is to drain the tank before storage, but this is time-consuming and messy. It can also be counter productive since it is very difficult to get all of the fuel out of a tank and leaving the walls of your fuel tank exposed during storage can invite corrosion in the presence of moisture, especially in fuels containing ethanol.

Protection against corrosion and gumming during storage and everyday use for gasoline engines.
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Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer does away with all this by inhibiting fuel break down, allowing you to leave fuel in your stored vehicle worry-free. It also cleans carburetors and fuel injectors in the event of existing gumming up of fuel systems prolonging engine life and ensuring quick, easy starts after storage is over and the covers come off your ride.
New Improved Formula Protects Against Ethanol Additives
No longer just for cars being placed into storage, the new formula of Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer also makes it the perfect product to be used at every fill up in all vehicles and equipment to protect against corrosion caused by today’s ethanol-blended fuels. Ethanol additives in modern fuels are intended to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, but they can also create problems in the form of corrosion and clogged fuel systems that can dramatically impact performance. Ethanol is optimally soluble in gasoline under the right conditions, but when temperatures become too hot or too cold the additive can become unstable, drawing moisture into your gas tank. This addition of moisture into the fuel mix can lead to phase separation, a condition in which total saturation of the fuel results in the ethanol and water separating from the gas mixture, and coming to rest near the bottom of the tank. If the level of this fuel-depleted liquid mixture is allowed to accumulate it not only will take up precious space in your fuel tank, but it may also be injected into your engine affecting performance and potentially creating serious problems. In addition, if significant water remains in your tank the moisture can cause rust and corrosion, or contribute to the gumming up of your fuel system. Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer puts an end to this in all 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. Just add a few penny’s worth of Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer to your tank each time you fill up and you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs in the long run.
Key Features America’s top selling fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after storage Removes water to prevent corrosion and cleans carburetors and fuel injectors Protects engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion Prolongs engine life Eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage Works safely and effectively in all gasoline’s including ethanol-blended fuel up to E85 For all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines 32-oz bottle treats up to 80 gallons of fuel
About Gold Eagle Co.
Headquartered in the heart of Chicago’s industrial hub, Gold Eagle Co. is a privately held company, founded in 1932 by Armin Hirsch. For more than 75 years, Gold Eagle has been an industry pioneer in the production and distribution of aftermarket fluids and additives as well as an innovator and leader in the product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals. The Retail and Installer Brands Group within Gold Eagle Co. markets and sells more than 100 branded products, while its Private Brands Group supplies over 400 different OEM and private branded products into the majority of the top engine-related original equipment manufacturers and retail marketers.

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